Water trapped

A single drop of water falls from the sky like a rocket crash landing

Smashes to the ground like a meteorite

Slowing with its brothers and sisters like a family road trip

Into the vast pool of life it flows; the ocean

Seeing a dark spot up ahead, like a dirty vortex

Covered in oil the water sees no more point in life

The sun comes out like a message from the gods

Water trapped under oil like a black coffin

The evil liquid starts to sink to the bottom as the sun evaporates the chemical that makes it float

Now being lifted back into its home in the sky

Only to start the battle again

penny1940 penny

Have you ever wondered what a 73 year old penny looks like?  Well now you know.  Yesterday iIfound a penny made in 1940 in my room.  It is in great condition and you can read all of the writing on it.  It has  King George VI on it with Latin all around him.  I am really exited because I like to collect rare and unusual coins and money so this will make a great addition to my collection.

By the way,  this penny I am showing you is not the penny I found.  I found this picture on the internet.

I wrote this in my journal at the beginning of the school year and now I have revised it.  During the time between when I wrote it and when I made this revision 2 things have happened.  I actually waited another month and got the new model of Ipod and otterbox.  Have fun reading the events of my previous life


Ever since I got a whole bunch of new music on my Ipod I a have been facing an impeding crisis.  I DON’T HAVE ENOUGH ROOM ON MY IPOD!  You see, when I got my current Ipod I was to cheap to get the 32 gigabyte model instead of my current 8 gig one.  ‘I will never use 8 gigabytes!’  I said.  I was horribly wrong.


My when my mom is driving down island she is going to pick up a 32 gig for me and I will reimburse her when she gets back.  She is also going to pick up the new otterbox Ipod case for me.  I decided to get the otterbox because Micheal has one and it is way sleeker than the last one.  I can not wait to get my new Ipod!

Le canard

Le canard est jaun et bleu.  Le canard aime mange poisson.  Le canard aime voler.  Le canard merde à le eau après mange poisson.

Book review: Execution

Author: Alexander Gordon Smith

Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux

Price: $ 10.99 C AN


What would you do if you had the choice between almost unlimited power or stopping the evil powers forever? In this chilling horror story Alfred furnace(the owner of furnace penitentiary) made the choice to take the power and now an ancient evil controls him.  Alex(the main character) and his friends break out of Furnace Penitentiary with their minds set on destroying Furnace and stopping the madness once and for all.  But the story takes an unexpected turn when Furnace makes Alex his new general and gives him the power of controlling the demonic beasts he created.

Alex and his friends discover that Alfred Furnace’s plan is a lot bigger than they imagined in this spine gruesome book about fear,will and turning children into giant monsters!

Overall I really liked this book because it is a fresh idea that I have never seen in any other series.  I could not put this book down!   I recommend Execution to boys ages 14 and up because of the gory killing scenes and mature content.

Student LED

On Monday the parents of the students of my class are coming into our class to look at all the work we have done over the past 2 semesters.  I will show my parents  my mathletics, language arts, and my art.  I think It will be really fun.  Wooohooo!

Salmon eggs hatched

In mid January, in partnership with DFO the school got salmon eggs.  About two weeks ago the eggs hatched.  Now we (the Salmon Dream team from the grade 4-7 classroom) are closely monitoring the new alevin to see if any die.  We need to monitor the tank temperature to make sure it doesn’t change more than 2 degrees at one time.  Every day we look for egg casings and dead fish.  If we see any, we suck them out with a siphon because if we leave them they will start to decompose and poison the water.

In about a week, the alevin  will absorb their egg sacks and they will be fry.  Then we will have to start feeding them once about half of them start swimming around the top of the tank.  By early April, we are planning to release them into a local creek but that release date is subject to change because sometimes the fish grow slowly.

Here is a picture of  the little alevin in the tank.

There is actually 94 of them but they are scared of the light so they run swim away when the cover is taken off.


Hey everybody who is reading this!  We just finished doing stop motion animation in tech club and my friends and I made an epic claymation video.  Unfortunately, we have not had the chance to post it to youtube yet.  Here is a video of an OLD claymation video I made with the same people.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-Ph2vAH_DA&list=UU3GOZewalXIqWKE_Dxcz16A .Ya that video is called bowling ball monster and it has 7 veiws right now. We want our works to get out there so please tell your friends about our… interesting videos. Some more claymation vids by us are:snake vs superman,dexter micheal monster brawl,malcolm hellevator and the new video coming soon that has no name.